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Tara Qualey

Helping others achieve their best quality of life

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Hi, I’m Tara

I'm a health and wellness coach with a focus on clean and simple techniques along with training to help you achieve life balance.

I started in 2014 based on a simple observation: the world of health & fitness has changed. People have transformed the way they eat, work and live. My fitness approach is developed around a proven fitness system built on years of experience and training to help you boost your fitness & Motivation.

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Pick Your Path

Introducing TQ Fitness

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

If you are serious to start your journey and work with me on your health and fitness goals...get in touch. Your goals & dreams ARE possible.


Katy, Client

Tara is such a motivator! I always felt support from her and was she very involved to keep me on track. The work outs and meal plans were all laid out for me and easy to follow. I highly recommend TQ Fitness!!

Nikki, Client

Tara took the time to understand my restrictions as a vegetarian while also building a healthy menu that was yummy and creative!  She allowed me to build a healthy mindset while giving me new recipe ideas that expanded my desire for nutritious foods and steer away from processed food!

Mallory, Client

Tara is amazing! she works directly with you to develop a personal and individualized plan. She not only holds you accountable but she does it with encouragement, motivation, and empowerment. I love that she also creates an environment of supportive women where we talk about self care and helping one another be the best versions of ourselves. I highly recommend working with Tara, she is the real deal!

Fitness on the Go

Let Me Help You Achieve Your Health & Fitness 

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