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What Makes Me Different From the Others

Added Value Benefits 

  • I truly care about you and your health, so you will be working with me personally.

  • No Gym Membership!

  • Review of your bloodwork

  • I provide straightforward and a personalized program based on your time, fitness level & experience and equipment available. You just need to follow that plan set before you and know that you'll see progress. And what if you have a question? I am happy to answer anything through email and text.  

  • Programs are customized based on schedule and access.

    • Hate the gym? Your program will focus on At-Home workouts.

    • Love the gym? Exercises will be chosen based on the equipment available and near each other.

    • Travel for work? Workouts can be made for hotel gyms, Airbnb living rooms, and outdoor parks.

    • Short on time? Workouts are created to last 15, 30, 45, 60 mins... or however long you have. They can even be adjusted on the fly if you're not sure how much time you'll have on a give day.

    • Struggle with motivation? Motivation falters when the workout is too hard and seems overwhelming or too easy and not worth your time... but not with a custom program that varies week to week and changes even more month to month. 

    • Worried about not moving well? I write plans that include mobility work. I can help navigate most shoulder tweaks, low back issues, or knee aggravations.

    • What if you miss a workout? I will help you readjust the program accordingly... so you know you're still on the path to success.

Why TQ Fitness

Suitable for Beginners









Certified Personal Trainer

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