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How Does Online Fitness Training Work?

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Ever wonder how online training works? Well, I've got you covered.

  • Initial Contact: We begin with a quick email where you tell me a bit about yourself and your goals. Then I send you a message back with the paperwork I will need for us to get started. Once you send back your initial consultation paperwork and beginning photos, we can set a time to talk over the phone and get started.

  • Free Phone Call: Once I have your starting information for online fitness training, we will find a time that is convenient to your schedule to talk. Then, I will give you a call and we can chat! I love talking over the phone before we start because I want to be sure that online fitness coaching is right for you! Over the phone, we can both ask and answer questions. With this kind of training, we are going to be a team and it is critical that we get to know each other.

NEVER start an online training program with someone that will not start off the program with a phone call!

  • Program Creation: Once we have decided that online fitness coaching is a good match, you will then make the training payment through my store page or Venmo and I get started on your first programs. Most of the time, I have your programs ready within 24-48 hours. Complete workout plans, cardiovascular exercise directions, calorie range and sample meal plans, suggested supplementation, online training handbook, progress tracking…. everything you need to start strong. I like to have your programs off to you for review before the weekend and for us to begin our training together on Mondays.

  • Accountability: We start the motivation and accountability with our check ins. I require all of my clients to send me photos or measurements at each 2 week mark to be sure that you are on track with your long term fitness goals. But, I want to know that you are making healthy, lasting progress so we go beyond the scale and tape measure.

  • Continued support: One of the best parts of online fitness coaching is that I am always here for you. You will be working directly with me… not an assistant or handler. Throughout your program, I am here to support you and answer questions. There is no limit on the number of times you can reach out to me and more often than not, I will be contacting you for updates with tips and tricks.

Who is Online Fitness Training Right For?

Now that you know what online fitness training is, I want to be sure that it is a good match for you. The truth is, online fitness coaching is not right for everyone. There are something to keep in mind to determine if this program might be a good choice for you. Check out the following questions to see if it might be a good match…

  • Do you hit the gym occasionally, but seem to wander from exercise to exercise without real purpose?

  • Is your nutrition off?

  • Do you seem to lose and gain the same 10-30 lbs over and over?

  • Are you confused about all the nutrition fads… Keto, Paleo, Fat Free, Atkins, etc…

  • Do you have some experience with working out, but you feel stuck in a rut and have stopped making progress?

  • Are you a busy person that needs flexibility?

  • Have a specific goal and need a highly specialized coach to help you reach that goal?

  • Do you are an over thinker that could spend hours at a time researching training or nutrition techniques just to walk away overwhelmed and confused?

  • Do you prefer to workout from home?

  • Do you tend to do the same exercises over and over without seeing real results?


If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then online fitness coaching might be a good match for you.

Who should NOT consider Online Fitness Training…

There are several very good reasons that you might want to opt for highly trained, regular personal trainers. Answer each of the questions below…

  • Do you need someone to be sure that you show up for workouts? If you need someone making sure that you actually workout then you really need an in person trainer waiting for you at a gym.

  • Are you brand new to working out or have next to no experience with exercise? Making sure that you are safe is my top priority. If you have never exercised before or you are very timid with strength training, then personal trainers that are on site will be able to watch your form very closely.

  • Do you have specific or severe limitations from your doctor? You might require a specialized physical therapist that can follow your doctors orders.

  • Do you need someone to be sure that you show up for workouts?

If you answered “YES” to any one of these questions, then an online fitness coach is probably not right for you at this time. I suggest reaching out to a highly trained in person personal trainer or physical therapist instead.

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