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How to Look, Feel and Be Your Best in Your 40's and Beyond

This actually applies to everyone, regardless of how old you are.

I hear a lot of grumbling about how things are going downhill after 40. Listen, it's your habits, mindset and lifestyle that dictate the outcome - not your age.

1. Lift Weights 3-4x per week

  • This goes far beyond aesthetics and "looking good" (but it's a nice bonus). It's about being strong so you can be healthy and independent as you age. This is the Fountain of Youth.

2. Walk

  • So underrated. This requires no special equipment; can be done anywhere and is low-impact. This is one of the best things you can do to improve longevity and wellness.

3. Prioritize Sleep

  • Every aspect of your life improves when this is optimized. Every aspect of your life suffer when this is sacrificed. Get morning sunlight exposure to optimize your sleep. Aim for 7-8+ hours.

4. Reduce/Eliminate Alcohol

  • Yep. Alcohol has far reaching effects on your brain, body and health. It impacts sleep, performance, mood, cognitive function, gut health, hormones, blood sugar and more. Complaining of belly fat? This isn't helping.

5. Eat Nutrient Dense Whole Food

  • It's not all about "if it fits your macros". The quality of your food matters. How you fill up your diet matters. Watch your cravings for sugar and snacks diminish. Have protein centered meals with a balance of carbs, fats and micronutrients. Aim for 14 grams of fiber for every 1000 calories.

6. Stop Obsessing about the Scale!

  • Once you can let this number go, you will discover there are WAY more important and meaningful things in your life. Give your body permission to change and evolve. Find other ways to measure progress that have nothing to do with how you look or how small you can be.

7. Stop Thinking it's Too Late and You're Too Old

  • This is one of the biggest things that is holding you back. You can accomplish some pretty amazing things in your 40's+. You just have to be willing to do things differently and do it even if you're scared.

8. Practice Gratitude

  • Instead of fixating on things that you don't have or can't do or being bitter about things you have zero control over, the thankful for ABUNDANCE of things that are good in your life. Acknowledge the blessings you have. Be thankful for how your body shows up for you every day - not only for what it looks like.

Pay attention, take control of your life. It's not too late!

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