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Shed Update #2

Slowly but surely, we're making progress. Since my last blog, there has been a lot going on! The trenching for the electrical was done a couple of weeks ago. We had to get that done right away before the ground froze. I didn't realize trenchers weren't available for rent after the first frost, so good thing we got that finished.

The electrician was here last Friday and got most of his portion done. He has to wait to put the finishing touches (outlets/covers/switches) on after the drywall is complete.

Yesterday, we took a trip to the Home Depot to get insulation for the walls, ceiling and floor. And the trip wouldn't have been complete without some decor for my holiday planter out front.

Started on the insulation yesterday and will finish up the ceiling sometime this week.

I had a guy come look at the shed to give me a bid on the drywall, mudding and taping, but sounds like he's 2 months out. Eeek! I'll contact a few others this week and hope to get it done before then.

Now the fun part.... I ordered the equipment this week! I'll have a wall mounted squat rack that will save a ton of space, a MYX II bike, and lots of accessories. I will also have a multifunctional cable machine, leg press and anything else I can get my hands on. I want this to be a TOTAL gym to fit everyone's needs.

Although the shred shed is not moving along as fast as I'd like it to, I'm trusting the process and learning to be patient and let everything unfold as it should. My dad always said, "you can't rush a good thing" and he's absolutely right. If things had gone quicker, I wouldn't have ended up with some huge Black Friday deals on equipment.

Just giving you all a quick update on where things are at. More to come in the coming weeks.

If you don't already know, I offer online training programs and will be adding In-Person training for my local folks when the gym is open for business. If you have any questions, I'd love to hear them and get them answered for you. You know where to find me.

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