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Things You Need to Know about Fat Loss - Part 1

Basic Principles you need to understand about fat loss:

  1. You don't need to do diets with special names for it to work.

  2. You need to be able to stick to the plan long enough for it to work.

  3. You need to be able to keep the weight off to say that it worked.

Fat loss is not linear. Don't expect the scale to go down every single week. Look at the overall trends. And please stop weighing yourself everyday. You can fluctuate 3-5 lbs a day depending on water retention, etc.

Don't use the scale as your only metric of progress. Take pictures and measurements. Take note of how your clothes are fitting.

You cannot spot reduce or target certain areas for fat loss. Your body will decide that for you.

For best results, take time away from dieting as part of your fat loss goal. Even if you haven't reached your goal.

Pay attention to NON-scale wins.

How to make fat loss successful:

  • Walk

  • Lift weights 3-4 days/week (even if your goal isn't to build muscle)

  • Get 7-8+ hrs of sleep.

  • Drink more water. Drink little/no alcohol.

  • Eat nutrient dense whole foods & enough protein (1g per lb of bodyweight)

  • Keep your eyes in your own lane.

  • Stop obsessing over the scale

  • Stick to the plan.

  • Be patient and consistent.

  • Give it longer than you think or want.

Some of you actually don't need to do another diet. You need to spend more time maintenance in order to be successful in fat loss.

I know this concept is hard to buy into, but let me ask if what you've been doing is working? It's time to do things differently. If nothing changes, nothing changes.

Questions? Need help starting? Reach out!

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