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Things You Need to Know About Fat Loss - Part 2

5 Reasons why your last diet didn't work:

1) It was extreme and unsustainable.

2) You reverted back to your old lifestyle and habits.

3) You didn't have an exit strategy.

4) You were looking for a quick fix.

5) You couldn't keep the weight off.

What you don't need:

1) Quick fixes and fad diets

2) HIIT cardio

3) Extreme calorie deficit and fasting

4) Removing food groups

5) Obsessing over the scale

What you DO need:

1) Sustainability

2) Patience

3) Commitment

4) Consistency

5) Time

Lift weights if you want the best results. Even if you don't care about having muscle.

You may find out that even after you lose the fat, you will be disappointed to see you actually need MORE muscle to have the look you want. Not just less fat.

This means you need to take time NOT dieting to build the body you want.

Understand your worth does not come from what the scale says or what size you are.

Quick fixes and going to extremes don't work. They will backfire on you - believe me. Take the time to do it right, even if it feels like it's going to take longer. It's actually shorter because you're doing it the right way.

Also, STOP chasing a number on the scale and start chasing a look. That scale number is irrelevant. Muscle is what gives shape to your body and is also the key to longevity and wellness.

Build the mind and the body will follow.

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